Traffic jam short paragraph | Traffic jam paragraph

Traffic jam paragraph
Traffic jam paragraph

Traffic jam

If for some reason some vehicles are almost paralyzed on the road, it is called a traffic jam. This is a common occurrence in big cities. This is one of the civic problems of city life. Population density is the main cause of traffic congestion. The increase in the number of buses, private cars, autorickshaws, rickshaws, etc. is responsible for this. In addition, the transportation system in many countries is not so developed. Drivers of vehicles want to drive at will. Illegal parking of vehicles is also responsible for traffic jams. However, some measures can be taken to solve this problem. Well-planned wide roads should be constructed. One-way traffic should be introduced. Traffic rules should be strictly enforced so that drivers are bound to obey them. Adequate traffic police should be deployed at important points. Mass awareness is also needed for this. Only then will we be free from the unbearable traffic jam.
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