Pizza Making by Robot

At this time a Robot making Pizza. A special kind of American robot can make pizza in just five minutes. How to Pizza Making by Robot?

Pizza Making by Robot

A company named ‘Stellar Pizza‘ plans to sell pizzas made by robots made at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

The US-based Stellar Pizza company mainly delivers pizza to different parts of the country by truck. To make a difference in the way of selling pizza, the company has taken the initiative to launch a truck with a robot chef to make pizza directly in front of the customers.

They have already installed a robot chef in a truck. According to Stellar Pizza, this robot with special artificial intelligence can make 10 types of pizza in less than 5 minutes with the help of different ingredients.

Buyers have to pay a lot of dollars to eat this fancy pizza, these beautiful pizzas can be bought for only 7 to 12 dollars. On the other hand, Flippy, another modern robot, can make burgers as well as fry French fries for restaurant guests without roaming the streets.

If desired, the machine can also fry various items including meat. The US company Miso Robotics has created this special robot that is mainly suitable for working in restaurants.

According to Miso Robotics, with artificial intelligence technology set, the robot can easily understand whether the food is fried properly or not. By understanding the need to automatically remove the food from the oil at the right time, the quality of the food is also good enough.

With the help of this robot that can work continuously, it is possible to make about 300 burgers in a day as well as fry a few orders of French fries. Miso Robotics is not only selling this restaurant-friendly cooking robot, but has directly announced that it will rent the robot worldwide.

For this, the restaurant owners have to count at least three thousand US dollars every month.

Meanwhile, another robot with artificial intelligence can bring food according to human speech. Even on command, the robot appeared with food at a certain place.

The robot made by Google’s robotics lab can easily carry food from one place to another in the office or home. The robot with the special intelligence to appear anywhere with food was seen in the nearby Google office.

The design of the robot, however, is quite strange, with only a large arm attached to the robot to collect or deliver food. This hand, long enough to hold anything, has only two fingers instead of five.

A special type of wheeled device is used as legs under the tall robot to facilitate movement.

As the virtual chatbot is connected with advanced artificial intelligence, this Google robot can also have continuous conversation in addition to understanding people.

Tech giant Google said that this robot, capable of doing certain tasks in addition to initially delivering food, will not be brought to the market for sale right away. Robots are gradually gaining the ability to do many human-like tasks.

Scientists are making relentless efforts to use robots in every field from shoemaking to Chandigarh.

Now it is a matter of seeing, will this progress of artificial intelligence make the human society helpless or will it push towards more laziness?

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