Digital Bangladesh paragraph

Digital Bangladesh paragraph
Digital Bangladesh paragraph

Digital Bangladesh

A country having most of the governmental and non-governmental work performed online via internet, where the society is truly dependent on information and technology, is called a digital country. So. Digital Bangladesh means making the country digital with the help of internet technology. The present government has set out to make the country digital in order to reduce the lack of internet usage in every developmental sector of Bangladesh.
With a view to making the people of our country more internet savvy, Awami League, one of the leading political parties of this country, came up with an election manifesto back in 2008. From that period of time, the term was widespread and the government involved itself in making the country digital. Though ours is an independent country, we are lagging behind in developing various business and private sectors because of not being digitalised. In order to reduce this backwardness, sectors like governance, commerce, education, agriculture are now powered by computer and internet. The government is now working on the problems of unemployment, overpopulation, poverty, illiteracy, corruption, natural calamities, food deficit etc. digitally with the help of spreading the use of internet all over the country. So, the main idea of digital Bangladesh is technology based digital governance, e-commerce, e-agriculture, e-production, e-education etc. Also, uninterrupted power supply and computer network system are needed. People from all walks of life must also have the basic ICT knowledge.
A digital Bangladesh will certainly be beneficial. It will save our time, age and money It can reduce unemployment problem, will make people more aware of the internet system, cyber security as well as cyber crime More importantly, it will connect people with the whole world and aware of the international decisions and developments. Every sector will be benefited even at the cost of high expense. The present government is truly working hard and the initiatives taken are praiseworthy. It can be expected that soon – Bangladesh is going to be a fully digital country which would be one step ahead to be a developed one.
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