A Railway Station paragraph | A Railway Platform paragraph

A Railway Station paragraph
A Railway Station and A Railway Platform

A Railway Station paragraph

A railway station is a place where trains stop for the passengers to get into and get off from them. Passengers gather here all the time. They arrive at the station and leave it for their destination. A railway station is a noisy place. Trains arrive and depart from here. A railway station is situated beside the rail line. It is generally situated at the edge of the town. A railway station has several parts. In a big railway station there is a shed over the platform but at a small station it is open. There are offices and waiting rooms for the passengers. There is an elevated floor beside the rail line. It is called platform. The platform is raised above the rail line so that the passengers can easily get into and down the train. Trains usually halt at the platform. There are tea stalls, book stalls and betel-leaf shops on the platform. When any train comes, the station turns busier. The anxious passengers hurry to get into the train and have their seats. The porters are seen busy with the luggage. As a result, a collision of two groups of passengers takes place. But when it leaves, there is no crowd at all. It becomes calm and quiet. If any train delays, the passengers take tea or read newspapers or move about lazily. During the Eid periods. our railway station becomes an overcrowded place, Just that time the passengers have been standing in a crowded line in order to buy tickets for several hours. The common sights of the railway station are many. There are passengers’ gatherings, vendors’ shouting, hawkers’ disturbing, coolies’ carrying goods. Hawkers remain busy when any train arrives. The hawkers shout, the vendor’s move, the porters with to and fro and the beggars beg singing religious chorus. The hawkers want to sell their products to the passengers by praising their products. The flagman moves with red and green flags. At the time of leaving any train the station guard whistles. In fact, it is a place of din and bustle. It is the best time to develop the railway service.

A Railway Platform paragraph

A railway platform is a raised place at a station along the railway line. This place, called platform, is used by the passengers to get into or get down from the train. It is a busy place because the trains stop here and the passengers get down with their luggage. Another group of passengers get into the train to go to their destinations. This platform is also used by the traders to collect and despatch their commodities. It is a noisy. place because people of all ages and classes gather here. There are different types of shops that sell food, fruits, newspapers, books, toys, stationeries and other essentials. There are a large number of porters who vie with one another to carry luggage. Sometimes one luggage is pulled by two or three porters at different directions. Then the owner has to choose one porter and remove others. It is a good place for beggars to beg sitting in one place. There are also a lot of hawkers moving around in a railway station. Indeed, it is a very crowdy place.
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