A postman short paragraph | A postman paragraph

A postman short paragraph
A postman paragraph

A postman

A postman is an important and useful person in every society. He is a low paid government employee of the postal department who delivers mail to residenes or businesses. He is a popular figure both in villages and in towns. He puts on a khaki uniform. He uses umbrella to save himself from the sun and the rain. He starts his work in the post office in the morning. A postman bears a bag hanging from his shoulder. His letters, parcels and other necessary things are safely carried in it. Everyday, he opens the mail bags, letters, parcels and money orders. Then he goes from door to door to deliver the postal articles to the right persons. People eagerly wait for the arrival of the postman. He is a hardworking person. He performs his duties properly both in fair and foul weather. His salary is very poor. He supports his family with much hardship. He renders a useful and important service to society. He does not take rest until he finishes his duties properly. He is loved and respected by all sections of people in society. He is friendly towards all.
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